K20742 Chime Tree/Guayaquil Wood

K20742 Chime Tree/Guayaquil Wood

ChimeTree/Guayaquil Wood Slab


  • Wood Specifications

    Common name (English)

    Chime tree wood

    Common name (Spanish)

    Guayaquil - Igua - Naumo - Tabaca - Frijolillo

    Scientific name

    Pseudosamanea guachapele / Albizia guachapele



    Distribution or habitat

    Native to Central and northern South America.


    Heartwood light orange brown when freshly cut becoming yellow brown or brown with a golden luster on drying; rather sharply demarcated from the thin whitish sapwood. Texture medium to rather coarse; grain generally interlocked; without distinctive odor or taste. Produces good quality timber with a high proportion of heartwood, widely appreciated within its native range.

    Technical specs

    Janka hardness

    1040 pounds-force

    4633 Newtons

    Average dried weight

    695 kg/m3

    Color and Appearance



    Commercial notes


    Chime tree wood is easy to work and surfaces finish smoothly after sanding; sawn surfaces are somewhat woolly.


    Heartwood is rated durable to very durable upon exposure to both white-rot and brown-rot fungi. Reported to have excellent weathering characteristics. Heartwood is highly resistant to moisture absorption and thus presumed to be non-treatable.