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We have some of the biggest exotic slabs available in the world.

All of our slabs are professionally kiln dried, expoxy filled and sanded.

Live Edge Slabs Imported from
Costa Rica, Central America

These live edge slabs imported from Costa Rica, Central America are partially finished. Most of the rough work has been done for you


Kiln Dried, for more than 3 months.


Shrink cracks are filled and stabilized with a 2 part epoxy.


All wood surfaces are then sanded to a 120 grit finish.

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slab kitchen Island

Live Edge Slab Kitchen Island

Live edge slab office desk

Live Edge Slab Office Desk

live edge patio table

Live Edge Patio Table

live edge slab conference table

Live Edge Slab Conference Table


Parota is highly prized sustainable wood that is common in tropical climates like Costa Rica. The beautiful qualities of the grain patterns and deep amber colors make it highly prised and its also known for for its durability, longevity, resistance to fungi and disease.


Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod is a forgiving wood that many woodworkers use to craft amazing pieces of furniture. Color tends to be a golden to dark brown, sometimes with darker streaks. Sapwood is usually thin and yellow/white, clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Monkey Pod is sometimes seen with highly figured curly or wild grain patterns. Grain is usually straight, but can also be interlocked or wavy. Texture is medium to coarse, with medium to large open pores and a moderate natural luster.

Live Edge Root Base

We have some Live Edge root bases on the way! These root bases are cut from massive root stumps. they are ground, sanded and all bark is removed before shipping to the USA.



We offer many different species of cross-cut slabs and design. Our woodworking supply store
is always getting new stock of exotic wood in, so check our inventory for species we have in-house. The sizes of the cross-cuts range from 12 inch diameter to 70 inches in diameter.

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